A New Group to trade African Art..

Tribal Art Trade!
The NEW Facebook Group Show

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Have you heard about the NEW ongoing

Tribal Art Show Group on Facebook?

Tribal Art Trade


It’s very simple, with the world now being what it is, we all need a place where collectors can confidently buy online. 

Fact is 1,200 new members already joined !

With that in mind, this group’s material is constantly vetted by the community. 

Objects are 100% guaranteed by their sellers for all time 

In this group sellers promise

Authenticity, Transparency and Collegiality

To help one another 
– To sell only authentic objects  
– To take the community grow, in complete

transparency and safety
Please read the rules.

1.      AUTHENTIC ART ONLY Everyone knows this is a gray zone. Sellers/Traders must guarantee that their object is authentic. For life. Break this rule and be banned for life. We want a community of trustworthy souls.

2.      OBJECTS MUST BE PRICED. Please specify currency. Default currency is USD.

3.      ASK FOR REFERENCES. Don’t hesitate to put the community to work upholding a seller/buyer/trader

4.      THIS GROUP IS FOR SALES/TRADES ONLY. Kindly subscribe to other group to establish the authenticity of your object. Once here, it must be guaranteed or you will be banned.

I Requested Mark to do a special price for the readers of my newsletter. Instead of paying 150$ a YEAR you can become a CHARTER MEMBER for the recurring price of 100$ a year for your lifetime if you wish or until you cancel the subscription.  But you can first have a look inside for free to convince yourself

VISIT today and ENJOY


Or if you are already convinced

PAY YOUR MEMBERSHIP TODAY AND PARTICIPATE at https://py.pl/10Y8S6 ( 100$ yearly recurring subscription as a charter member )

Stay safe everyone..
Indulge in retail therapy!

P.S.1 Did you know as of today members sold for more than 115,534 USD, have a look at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/tribalarttrade/. Want to become a member for life ?  https://py.pl/10Y8S6

P.S.2 : My First offering in the Tribal Art Trade Group : 

“Auction” Announcement.

This wonderful old Songye figure with Provenance will be on sale with a LOW starting price starting FRIDAY (ending SUNDAY) . Join up to follow!

Tribal Art Trade Group.
The WAZE concept applied to Tribal Art

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