Corona African Art

In order to contain the COVID-19 epidemic, our Shop in the Sint Katelijnevest 27  is temporarily closed from Saturday 14 March2020 to Monday May 11 May 2020 included, or later depending on the evolution of the pandemy and Belgian government instructions.

De Winkel is Gesloten tot minstens Maandag 11 Mei 2020 wegens de Covid-19 pandemie.

Le Magasin est ferm√© a cause de la pandemie du Covid-19 jusqu’au moins le lundi 11 mai 2020.

STAY SAFE, Stay Home, Avoid social contacts.

David Norden, staying alone in his shop… growing little seeds.

David Norden

Sint Katelijnevest 27

B2000 Antwerpen.


+32 3 227.35.40

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