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I hope you are all doing all well and adapting in a new world where social distance is the new normal .. Since May 11 my shop in Antwerp reopened, allowing two people maximum at a time, but since a lot of people don’t travel anymore business is slow, and only one or two people enter my shop every few days. This summer I will not be open all the time and only two people can visit at one time. . So if you want to visit me please check in advance if I am here.

It’s unexpected but I just started a new online auction today that is ending Sunday June 28, 2020 around 8 p.m. Belgian time. Remember: When you bid on Catawiki there is only 9 % on the hammer price, and if you can’t attend the end of the auction the auto-bid function is your best friend. .

The packing and shipping cost is 25€ for Europe, and 50€ outside.

Discover below, click the links for more details and images..

Lots offered by David Norden Buy African Antiques.

A colorful Mukyeem Beaded Mask
H= 45 cm

top of a cultivator staff - Wood - Senufo - West Africa
From a Dutch collection. H= 31 cm
Published in “Living African Art Treasures” by David Norden. ( A catalog will be included in your package) .

Figure - Wood - Bateba Phuwe- Provenance Jan Kusters - Lobi - Burkina Faso

An old standing female Lobi figure with a big head, body position slightly bending forward.
Named Bateba Thilkotina, those figures where kept in shrines to protect the family.

Height 38 cm.

Provenance: – Andreas Artemenko -Jan Kusters Netherland.

A collectors NUMBER on the side of the feet in white paint 1402

Mask – Wood – Chihongo Chilunga- NO RESERVE PRICE – Chokwe – Congo DRC

Mask - Wood - Chihongo Chilunga- NO RESERVE PRICE - Chokwe - Congo DRC

Height 48 cm. wood red pigments. Feathers, raffia

Central Africa | Chihongo mask representing Chilunga the mythological founder from the Chokwe people. Angola or Democratic Republic of Congo

Spoon - Wood - NO LIMIT PRICE - Teke - Congo DRC

A Teke spoon with a complete figure on top.

H= 29cm, 35 cm on the custom made metal stand

Stool - Wood - Luba - Congo DRC
This female anthropomorphic stool ( 25cm high) is from the Luba people
Sickness Mask - Raphia, Wood - Provenance Patrick Dierickx - Pende - West Africa
H= 30 cm.

The mbangu mask is a variation on the representation of a highly regarded hunter who has been stricken with facial paralysis

Collected in the 70’s by Patrick Dierickx, Brussels. Estimated age: 1940-50’s

Plaque - Brass - Provenance Donald Taitt - Benin - Nigeria

A small Benin Plaque XIXth century or older, in the shape of a mud fish or insect coming from Donald Taitt collection a painter who lived in France and collected since the 1970’s.

H= 29 cm. 32cm on the custom made metal stand.

Smoking pipe - Bronze, Snakeskin, Wood - Sénoufo - Côte d'Ivoire

L= 50 cm H= 15 cm on custom makde metal and wood stand

Large, African pipe of wood with bronze animal amulets and wrapped in snakeskin. Complete with bowl.

Knife - Copper, Iron, Wood - Kusu - Congo DRC

A Kusu knife from the rain Forest.

The knifes from the Tetela area exist in several variations they all make a graceful impression.
The ones including the Kusu and Sungu are remarkable.

Provenance: Gaethan Schoonbroodt collection, Verviers..

H= 45 cm

Figure - Wood - Nkisi - Songye - Congo DRC

A Big cubistic Songye figure, bought from a private collection during a Ateaf Fair in Wilrijk near Antwerp.

H= 58 cm

Basket - Leather, Raphia - Toussian - Burkina Faso

A Tussian Wedding basket made of 11 little basket imbricated like a Russian doll.

H= 25 cm,

Nkisi Nkondi Kozo Mbwa Fetish dog with Documentation.

L= 55 cm , H= 30 cm. The wood tail and feet have been re-glued, some metal nails and inserts missing (see pictures) blades, nails in iron, iron blades, red pigments on the face, a mirror charge on top above the head.

Provenance: – Private Collection New Orleans
– Andreas Achmann Munchen (written documentation of the provenance included)

Double Head Lobi - Wood - Dayir - Lobi - Burkina Faso

A double Head Lobi figure

H= 58 cm
One metal chain around the feet.

Collected in the 70’s by a private dutch collector Netherland.
Estimated age: early to mid-XXth

Figure - Wood - Luba - Congo DRC
A female Luba figure H= 40 cm coming from the collection of Frédéric Coppin.
Monkey Mask - Wood - Sakamutu- Provenance Patrick Dierickx - Hemba - Congo DRC

The Saka Mutu mask from Patrick Dierickx collection combines animal (chimpanzee) and human facial features. Saka Mutu means “monkey face” in Kishwahili .

H= 28 cm,

Cup - Wood - Basongolo- Provenance Patric Claes - Lulua-Luntu - Congo DRC

A Palm Wine Cup From Patric Claes collection.

H= 30 cm no stand .

CONDITION: Honey patina wood,

Seated Maternity - Wood - Provenance Woolley and Wallis - Baoulé - Ivory Coast

A Baule seated maternity figure, Ivory Coast, with an infant on her back and another feeding from her right breast, the figure seated on an Akan chair.

H= 75 cm high. Grayish patina.

A Big Baule Seated Maternity Figure

Provenance: Woolley and Wallis, UK 2015

Mask - Wood - Ekpe - Ibibio - Nigeria


Packing and transport costs are low and in house only 25€ for Europe and 50€ outside Europe, if you buy more than one lot the transportation costs are only charged once.


David Norden African Art. Sint Katelijnevest 27. B2000 Antwerpen. Belgium.

Phone: +32 3 227 35 40                                    email: david.norden@telenet.be

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